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Chin Tech specializes in Robotic Process Automation and System Integration for various industries from food and beverage to machining, automotive and electrical and electronic, semiconductor and aviation industry.

Our robot employed utilizes the latest Collaborative Robot (COBOT) which is Industry Revolution 4.0 standard (friendly).

Supporting systems to complement our COBOT include auxiliary vision on top of its inherent vision capability that recognizes QR code, Bar codes and is based on image mapping and grayscale, color algorithmic setting.

As for the enablers, we have multiple tool-changeover systems, customized and standard pneumatic and motorized end-effectors and grippers with force sensor.

Force sensor and torque sensors are also fitted into our COBOT to enable force sensing to our gripper and polisher for intricate, polishing and grinding purposes.

Our COBOT is also capable of being mounted onto Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) that run on track and trackless coordinates via WiFi mapping and RFID systems.


Collaborative Robots

Regular Payload Series

TM5-700 | TM5-900

Medium – Heavy Payload Series

TM12 | TM12 Series

Sensors. Grippers. Tool Changers.

OnRobot Gecko Gripper

OnRobot RG2 Gripper

OnRobot VG10 Gripper

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