Capitalizing On COBOT in Post-COVID 19 For Your Robotic Process Automation

COVID-19 has harshly impacted many industries, and industrial manufacturing has proven to be one of them as 80% of manufacturers expect the pandemic to have a financial impact on their business and a majority of those in the sector believe the pandemic will affect operations. Due to the onset of challenges over the past six months, companies have had to pivot, refocus and adapt their production emphasizing on using robotic process automation that incorporate COBOT (Collaborative Robots) solutions in order to survive and keep up with customer demands.

The differences between COBOT and Traditional industrial robots

Traditional industrial robots are bulky, expensive and potentially dangerous beasts. With COBOT, they can sense the presence of a human colleague in their immediate proximity and adjust to avoid collisions. They’re easy to train in new tasks, thanks to machine learning. Because they’re mobile, they can easily be redeployed to different manufacturing ‘cells’ across a factory.

The pandemic is accelerating the adoption of technology that prioritizes safety first and foremost, providing more urgency toward increased digital transformation and automation. A lot of people have got infected in manufacturing plants and in other such settings. Hence, it’s difficult to keep frontline workers six feet apart when they are working on fast-moving production lines, and, on top of that, may need to shout over loud machinery to communicate. These factors create a situation where the virus can easily spread. COBOT can ensure that separation and boundaries on manual handling are able to prevent COVID-19 spread across a number of industrial scenarios.

Increased Productivity and Process Optimization.

With the uses of sensors and greater processing power that incorporate IOT (Internet Of Thing), this make COBOTS smarter and able to transmit data to the console for the raw data to be analyze for precise business decision making to optimize a process. In other words, achieving the maximum goal with minimal costs.

Errors are minimized, employees have more time for other things, productivity increases and ultimately this results in a better operating result.

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