Chin Tech EC Sdn Bhd Awarded The e-Shared Prosperity Organisation (eSPO) Acknowledgement Certificate



Chin Tech EC Sdn Bhd has been awarded the e-Shared Prosperity Organisation (eSPO) Acknowledgement Certificate, an initiative aimed at encouraging Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to be recognised for their resilience and adaptation to the changing economic situation in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and contributing to the country’s economic recovery.

The eSPO certificate awarded to Chin Tech EC Sdn Bhd using the eSPO online platform that allowed industry players to be self-assessed on their productivity-linked wage system (PLWS) components and issue acknowledgement certificates to organisations that have implemented PLWS.

PLWS is a flexible and competitive wage system that distributes wealth created according to employer’s and employee’s performance and productivity in order to drive organisation shared prosperity and competitiveness.

The aim of PLWS is to harmonised company policies that enhances employees’ motivation and job satisfaction, promotes skills-related specialisations, advances employees’ careers and creates equitable relationships between employers and employees.


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