A Case Study On How An Elementary Educational Center Introduce Educational Robotic Arm Using DOBOT Magician To Help Students Understand Industry 4.0

Dobot Magician For Education


The introduction of such professional equipment such as the robotic arm (DOBOT Magician) at the elementary level seems too far, but their focus is not on the robotic arm itself, but rather on operating the robotic arm along with other equipment and better their understanding of how Industry 4.0 world works in the future.

How does students feel getting their hands on the robotic arm for the first time? It turns out that some of students have experience with programming tools such as App Inventor and Scratch before. They know some basics about programming and can quickly get started.

A fifth-grader Ruijia Yang said, “I felt that the robotic arm was a bit complicated at first, but later I discovered that much of the programming I learned before works with the robotic arm too. With a little bit more learning, it gets quite easy to learn the basic operations. What I love about DOBOT Magician is that it gives you live demonstration, something a lot of coding tools do not offer. Of course, the real thing feels much better than just looking on a computer screen.

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Source: https://www.dobot.cc/customer-story/st-edwards-catholic-primary-school-introduced-dobot-magician-to-help-students-understand-future-industry-4-0.html

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