Our heartfelt appreciation to InvestPenang for featuring Chin Tech EC Sdn Bhd on it’s website under the Local INsights which is a periodic e-publication with the aim of creating awareness among the industry players on the capabilities of homegrown companies.

Chin Tech Invest Penang

InvestPenang’s acknowledgment of Chin Tech EC Sdn Bhd highlight the dedication and commitment of the company’s team, who tirelessly work towards advancing Penang’s technological landscape and also shine a spotlight on the outstanding capabilities of local Penang homegrown companies as an industrial robotic process automation and system integration solutions provider.

Chin Tech’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, coupled with their strong emphasis on quality control, has earned them a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness among their clients and partners.

Together, we can continue to forge a path of innovation, pushing boundaries, and propelling Penang Digital Transformation Masterplan.

Click the link HERE to view InvestPenang featuring Chin Tech EC Sdn Bhd on it’s website under the Local INsights.

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