How Robotic Soldering Machine Can Improved Productivity Of A Company


According to many researches and surveys in the market, no matter what kind of products are produced in any industry, there is a big problem, that is, increasing cost pressure and high turnover of personnel. This will be affecting the profit and loss of a company.

Traditional manual soldering process can no longer meet the production needs of a company. With robotic soldering machine, the production efficiency of the product can be increased by 45% to 60% or even higher by reducing production costs and improve product quality.



Few aspects of robotic soldering machine:

Convenient production management

It improves the overall production efficiency and reduces the impact of artificial factors on output and production.

Energy saving:

The average power of the equipment is 300-350W. Compared with wave soldering and reflow soldering, the power saving of the factory has an absolute advantage

Product quality

Robotic soldering machine is better than manual soldering robots in terms of consistency and reliability


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