Ultima ®
Wave Soldering System

The Ultima wave soldering system is designed from the ground up for lead-free wave soldering and combines compact size, integrated design and proven laminar wave soldering technology. The Ultima is available in either an 18″ (457mm), 20″ (508 mm) or 24″ (609 mm) conveyor width and includes many of the features you would expect in systems selling for twice the price. To enhance overall production efficiency and minimize downtime, the Ultima is designed with easy access to all fluxing, preheat and solder modules.


  • Chose from any of Specnor’s proven foam, spray or PowerFlux® selective spray fluxing systems
  • Standard convection preheat with available additional bottomside convection, and topside IR or convection preheat modules
  • All titanium solder pot construction specially designed for leadfree operation with quick disconnect laminar and chip wave solder nozzles, titanium impellers and easy to remove solder pumps and flow ducts
  • Easy accessibility to all fluxing, preheating and solder modules including fluxer and preheat rollout, and a motorized solder pot rollout, all as standard features

Ultima ®
Wave Soldering Specifications:

Fluxer Module

Slide out stainless steel foam fluxer. Adjustable-angle exit air knife

Preheat Module

Bottom forced convection preheat. Topside tunnel over preheat

Facility Requirements

System Footprint: Length: 3,470mm (136”) Width: 1,500mm (59”)

Height: 1,700mm (67”) Power: 220/240, 380/415, 440/480 VAC

50 KVA 70A/line @ 440 VAC Exhaust Requirements: 1,000 CFM

Shipping Weight: 1,825 kg (4,000 lbs.) Operating Weight: 2,725 kg (6,000 lbs.)

Conveyor Module

18”, 20” and 24” conveyor widths
Finger conveyor pre-adjusted at 6° V-groove titanium fingers

Computer Control

Windows® XP based software
Real-time system graphic animation

Solder Module

Laminar and chip wave solder nozzles
Quick disconnect solder nozzles
Standard all titanium construction
Fully optimized solder flow for lead-free
Easy to remove solder pumps and flow ducts

Available Options

PowerFlux selective spray fluxer L-shaped titanium fingers
Intermixed L- and V-groove fingers
Rigid 16-gauge titanium fingers
Additional bottom-side convection preheat module
Topside IR or convection preheat modules
Nitrogen hood over solder module

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