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Some of the best moves for a business looking to increase productivity are those which replace human work with specialized, efficient machine labor. Pallet wrapping, in which pallets stacked with product are wrapped in plastic or other material to keep the load together and enable easy, safe transportation, is often done with human employees but can be performed much quicker and efficiently using smart pallet wrapping machine.

These machines increase productivity in several key ways, primarily by reducing product damage, lowering labor and material costs, improving process efficiency and preventing injury to business workers.


Pallet Wrappers Reduce Product Damage

One of the best ways that smart pallet wrapping machine increase productivity is by protecting your products. Damaged or destroyed products result in direct losses for your company, both in the time that it takes to replace damaged product and in the money that needs to be spent recouping that loss. The time and money spent fixing mistakes could be used furthering or growing actual profits, particularly if you have stretch wrappers.

Stretch wrappers protect big loads of all sorts of products by covering a pallet in firm, stabilizing stretch wrap. This wrap has a stabilizing effect on stacks of boxes, bins, or other containers which are often stacked high on a single pallet. Of course, without any stabilizers, tall stacks of boxes have a tendency to tip over, particularly when being moved. Tightly and carefully wrapping stacks of boxes with stretch wrap holds everything together, forming a much more stable and easy-to-move tower that can then be transferred from warehouse to truck and back again without having to worry about pieces of the tower or individual boxes falling off.

If productivity can be measured in successful product transportation, then smart pallet wrapping machine have a direct, measurable improvement in both time and product protection. The time and money you might spend replacing damaged product are instead saved to be put back into your business.

Summary: By protecting your products from the damage they might sustain during transport, smart pallet wrapping machine reduce costs associated with replacing damaged product, increasing business productivity as a whole.


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Increase Productivity Thanks To Lower Material And Labor Costs

The next thing you want to think about is the overall cost of manually wrapping your pallets. This can be seen in both the cost of the extra material you’ll use and the time you’ll need to pay for workers to wrap pallets will be much slower compare to a smart pallet wrapping machine.

Smart pallet wrapping machine are simply much more efficient when protectively wrapping full pallets, in terms of both time and resources. For one, when stretch wrappers use material to completely and safely wrap a pallet, they do so in smooth, efficient motions that don’t waste extra plastic warp in places that have already been adequately covered. They wrap more evenly, reducing weak spots in the wrap cover that could split or break during the transportation process; weak wrapping can eventually lead to product falling from the pallet, and it’s always a waste of good stretch wrap.

Smart pallet wrapping machine also perform this essential task of product transportation much quicker than any employee. As for human, due to having to walk carefully and slowly around a pallet, wrapping it by hand and making an uneven layer of stretch wrap due to the common human error. A smart machine can have elevation and thickness settings programmed in and it will perform the wrapping procedure as you specify; a human will always have variation in his behavior, no matter how well he performed it. All the time spent wrapping pallets has to be paid for, and that time that could be better spent elsewhere!

In the business world, it’s commonly known that time is money. Therefore, smart pallet wrapping machine can help improve productivity by streamlining and mastering the pallet-wrapping process. They’re much better at it than any human employee.

Summary: Smart pallet wrapping machine perform the mundane, repetitive job of wrapping pallets with plastic much quicker and efficiently than human employees, as well as using less material in the process.


Pallet Wrappers Result In Fewer Injuries

Another aspect to consider when wrapping the pallet manually is the possibility of injury to your employees. Wrapping pallets is labor-intensive, requiring stooping, bending, and spinning. This process causes an employee to walk repeatedly around a pallet full of product and can often lead to accidents. Furthermore, many adult humans have trouble bending down frequently and forcing this motion can lead to back injuries or health complications.

When the employee is hurt or must cease performing a task, it’s costing your business money through the time wasted where no work is getting done. Beside that, employee injuries can easily cost your business much more money than you might think since the injury happened while performing duties that your business required.

Smart pallet wrapping machine can alleviate this risk entirely. Instead of having human workers risking the chance of getting injured and increased costs to your business, use a smart pallet wrapping machine that will never become injured. The real productivity increase will be seen in the work your employees can do elsewhere. There are plenty of jobs that are too technical or intelligent to be passed off to a machine and which your employees are better-equipped to complete.

Summary: Employees that wrap pallets manually might get injured in the process of wrapping. Preventing injuries keep employees working productively and saves your business from injury related expenses.


How Pallet Wrappers Will Increase Your Staff’s Efficiency & Production

Overall, smart pallet wrapping machine is a great investment for your business to invest in because it improved productivity. The time and money that are saved from a pallet wrapper’s work will be easily recoup back and can then be reinvested in the business to further promote growth. Don’t wait to start boosting your numbers, saving money and improving your overall productivity. Call / Whatsapp us @ or contact us today to find out what options are available for your business!

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