Chintech EC Sdn Bhd is your competitive machine supplier and more… providing you solutions in the converging field of electronics manufacturing namely surface mount technology and semiconductor sector.

From its humble beginnings in mid 2002, Chintech EC Sdn Bhd now serves top major multinationals in the SMT industry and have grown exponentially In this short span of time to provide you the cutting edge technology and delighting their customers. It shows that we are dedicated and we believe In a synergistic win-win condition.


To excel in value creation for the customers, share holders and stakeholders in backend solutions for the electronic industry


To ensure customer’s delight and fulfilment, 100% of the time

We pride ourselves in giving you 5 key features not offered by our competitors.

  1. Good profitability – competitive pricing
  2. Fast turnaround time – fast machine lead-time and setup
  3. Quality and reliability – premium quality of machines at fair pricing
  4. Local and overseas after sales support and hands on experience by our staffs
  5. Process support in the manufacturing line when the machineries are involved